Manufacturing Intelligence

Axis Engineering Group personnel have extensive experience in the design and implementation of manufacturing intelligence, collection and process visualization systems. Our experiences have familiarized us with the quality control and data collection needs of manufacturing facilities including automotive, food and beverage and public and municipal clients.

  • Do you know how well your facility is operating in real-time?
  •  Do you know the largest single cause of inefficiency at your facility over the last quarter?
  •  Can you quantitatively document the amount of production time lost over a given time period with the key reasons for that loss?

Our data collection and process visualization systems allow manufacturing facilities to analyze process and machine data. Once the production data is collected and stored in a database, we work with plant personnel to create reports that focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to help plants increase Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

We start by making a site visit and meeting with plant personnel to determine specific needs. From there we determine what solution will be the best fit for your specific application. Once the data collection system is in place, we work on developing reports that detail all applicable data. The end result is a series of reports that assist plant personnel in resolving quality control issues and OEE deficiencies.

Some of our past facilities clients have had a government mandated reason to collect process data such as EPA requirements for thermal oxidizer parameters. Other clients have been able to refine their plant floor processes to increase OEE and reduce downtime.

Every client benefits from installing a manufacturing intelligence system. One client was able to save in excess of $10 million by having the capability to review process data and quarantine defective items before they left the facility. With our experience in data collection and system integration and our knowledge of many vendor packages and specific manufacturing and process systems, we are qualified to meet your specific needs.

Axis Engineering Group is the smart choice for delivering Manufacturing Intelligence for your organization.

Axis Engineering Group has provided peace of mind to manufacturing plants since 1998. If you are looking for engineering support for your changing business landscape, please contact Sean Thomas at 419.872.2500, ext. 118 or for your complimentary review and analysis.