Trim Presses & Dies

Trim Presses

Our trim presses are customizable, heavy-duty, 4-post or fixed sides hydraulic presses designed for trimming excess material and removing flash from the die cast process.

With worker safety a top priority, our presses are equipped with safety features such as light curtains or area scanners, pneumatic or hydraulic rod lock, swing-out safety bars for servicing the die area, anti-tie-down starting system, emergency stop buttons, and all necessary metal guarding.

Our high quality trim presses are designed for durability in harsh working environments, with protection from elevated temperatures and airborne particles.

We can protect your assets with enhanced filtering of hydraulic oil, flexible covers over moving parts, heavy-duty seals around rotating parts and enclosed, fan-cooled motors, ensuring longevity for your investment.

Axis produces trim press systems that range from simple, manually loaded systems to robotically loaded and unloaded finishing lines that include trimming, testing, and inspecting.

Our high quality trim presses are designed for durability in harsh working environments

Trim presses and dies

Trim presses can also be designed to handle multiple trim dies. This becomes feasible with quick disconnects for the air lines, hydraulic lines, and electrical connections.

The use of Kosmek QDCS die clamping expedites the changeover process in a safe manner and eliminates labor-intensive bolt tightening.

Once in place, the trim press auto-recognizes the trim die installed and runs the appropriate program. Utilizing one trim press for multiple trim dies can reduce machinery costs, but should first be evaluated for impacts to productivity.

Trim Dies

Trim dies can be designed and manufactured for new applications as well as retrofitting existing presses. They can incorporate hole punching, milling of gate and overflow runners, and trimming of parting lines. They can also include part-locating sensors, nest blow-offs, and sensors for each cylinder motion to ensure full travel of the punches or trim cylinders.

When coupled with our trim press, we are able to trim your parts in our manufacturing facility prior to shipment, reducing debug and start-up time at your facility or enhancing your ability to maintain production with labor and equipment shortages.

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See what the Axis Approach can do for your facility.


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 Complimentary Evaluation 

 See what the Axis Approach can do for your facility. 

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